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Web front end engineer

1、Be responsible for user interface development of relevant RIA products。

2、Responsible for interface effect code implementation。

3、Responsible for interface component development。

4、Cooperate with other personnel to conduct human-computer interaction to improve user experience of interface。

5、Interface compatibility adjustment and performance optimization in all major browsers。

6、To complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders。

Post requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above in computer science;

2、More than two years experience in Web front-end development;

3、Proficient in HTML, CSS, Web front-end technology and HTML5 development experience;

4、Understand the AJAX operation mechanism;

5、Familiar with front-end performance optimization, can write high quality, high performance code;

6、Excellent logical thinking and learning ability. Love technology, work actively, can work under pressure;

7、Good communication skill and teamwork spirit, can integrate into the team actively。

Product operations manager

1、Complete the optimization of the operation module of the content of the core armor App, and promote the product iteration;

2、Aiming at the content operation demand, the product optimization solution is put forward, and the internal and external resources are implemented and implemented;

3、According to the total operation target dismantling the content module operation plan, push the goal achievement;

4、Responsible for uploading and managing apps to major channel markets and analyzing the dynamic and activity of similar apps;

Post requirements

1、Mobile terminal product operation related work experience more than 3 years;

2、Excellent product understanding ability, can excavate demand, put forward reasonable and feasible operation proposal or plan;

3、Strong organization, strong sense of purpose, able to control project progress, prevent control risks and rationally allocate resources;

4、Understand the product content operation mode, and can analyze relevant business data;

5、Excellent logic thinking, content planning ability, communication and coordination ability, promotion ability。

Android engineer

1.More than 1 year experience in the field of android;

2.Ability to read English documents well and be good at reading others' code;

3.Graduated from computer software technology major;

4.At least one mobile product has been developed and displayed;

5.Familiar with android platform network data transfer HTTP Socket programming, local data storage, and UI framework;

6.Familiar with third-party related framework technologies such as TCP/udp framework netty mina HTTP framework and orm framework technology;

7.Proficient in the Broadcast Service Handler AsyncTask;

8.Familiar with android development tool eclipse SVN code management;

9.Good Java basics, proficient in the Android SDK, can write UI controls and animation effects;

10.Good at communication and cooperation, obey superior arrangement, can complete the given task independently;

11.Be able to track the memory leaks in the code for specific locations and reasons。

Post requirements

1、Mainly responsible for the application and development of company products on android;

2、Complete the function detailed design, coding, testing, product launch, maintenance, and subsequent revision and bug modification;

3、Ability to cross-check relevant codes and system functions within the development team, and propose reasonable Suggestions and modifications (including 2 development maintenance);

4、Write the relevant module to implement the document;

5、Implement the implementation adjustment code according to subsequent requirements changes。

6、According to project plan, submit high quality code on time, complete the development task。

IOS engineer

1. Responsible for the research and development of the clients on the mainstream intelligent mobile terminal (mobile phone and tablet) based on IOS platform, including demand analysis, design, development, etc;

2. Work with project related personnel to complete the development and design of mobile phone client application software; Related technical scheme, document preparation, software unit test;

3. According to the specific requirements of the project, undertake the development task and fulfill the mission goal according to the plan;

4. Responsible for the preparation of technical documentation related to the project;

Post requirements

1. More than 3 years experience on IOS platform client development; Can follow the development standard, have the team cooperation spirit, the interview with the work demonstration;

2. You must master the storyboard, xib, autolayout technology;

3. Familiar with the application development and software architecture of intelligent mobile terminal, with many successful development experiences, bluetooth hardware development is preferred;

4. Familiar with IOS platform and framework, proficient in C/objective-c language;

5. Have a certain understanding of Swift;

6、According to project plan, submit high quality code on time, complete the development task。

Java engineer

1.Responsible for system module design and core code writing;

2.Participate in the training of technical pre-research work and technical achievements;

3.Solve problems encountered during software development;

4.Lead team members to carry out related business module function development;

5.Participate in project plan discussion and technical investigation, responsible for the preparation and maintenance of related documents;

6.Solve most engineering technical problems, have independent project research and development ability;

Post requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above in computer software, more than 3 years experience in J2EE project development;

2.Be proficient in J2EE related technologies and be proficient in b/s mode system;

3.Familiar with common design patterns, familiar with Java low-level mechanism, familiar with JVM;

4.Skilled in using Spring MVC, Spring, Hibernate, Ibatis and other relevant open source frameworks for project development;

5.Skilled in using HTML, JSP, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, XML, jQuery, easyUI and other technologies;

6.Familiar with Mysql, Oracle, SQL server and other databases, have database optimization experience;

7.Familiar with mainstream Web application server JBoss, Tomcat, WebLogic, cache server, optimized configuration and usage。

8.Experience in Internet product development is preferred;

Software test engineer

1、Establish testing system and process of software products。

2、According to the test procedures, plans, and the grasp the characteristics of the product, confirm with the test scope, focus, considering the logic and data integrity requirements, detailed test requirements, planning, writing test cases, design the test data and expected results, the preparation work before test。

3、According to the test plan and test case, test execution, and according to the product characteristics and testing requirements, the implementation of integration testing, system testing, etc., found that software defects in time, the characteristics and defects of evaluation software。

4、According to test result, repeated communication test with the development department, urging the development department to solve the problem, fix the defects found in the test, and improve the software function。

5、Write test report and the test result analysis, through the test, have a good grasp of software has, defects, limited etc., to the software quality evaluation conclusion and advice are given, test documents, fill in software testing report, write a test summary, provide summary opinion for software development effort, the establishment and maintenance according to the test requirements, and according to the need to adjust the test resources, ensure the test schedule and test resources。

6、To complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders。

Post requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above in computer or software development。

2、2 years working experience in software testing or development, be familiar with the process of software testing as a whole, proficiency test plan and test cases, familiar with the commonly used test methods and skills, good command of testing tool for testing and write test scripts。

3、Creative consciousness, active thinking, clear and accurate language expression, strong teamwork ability, able to work under pressure, careful and careful work, strong sense of responsibility。

Product manager

1、Be responsible for the product planning and design of the heart armor platform;

2、Write detailed product process design documents, product interface and prototype design documents according to product requirements;

3、Responsible for communication with r&d, design, testing and other departments to ensure that the collaboration department has full understanding of product documentation;

4、Guide the designer to complete the interface design of the product, coordinate the development work of the developer, promote and coordinate the development progress of the product, and control the quality of the project;

5、Collect user feedback, analyze user behavior and demand, and continuously optimize and improve the product;

Post requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above;

2、At least 3 years experience in product design;

3、Rich experience in mobile Internet product interaction design;

4、Understand the related processes of Internet product interaction design, including functional analysis, user role analysis, prototype design, interface development, usability testing, etc;

5、Document writing ability and product prototyping ability;

6、Familiar with Excel/word/PPT/Visio/project/AXURE ERP software;

UI designers

1、Responsible for product interaction interface design, analyze user's operating habits and preferences, and propose optimal interaction design and interface design solutions from the perspective of user experience。

2、Responsible for managing the product experience, tracking the product experience, and continuously improving the product's user experience。

3、Complete interface information architecture, process design, and prototype design according to requirements and user research results。

4、Understand and analyze user's operating habits and preferences, conduct design research, and constantly deepen the understanding of design from the perspective of user and detail design。

5、Responsible for maintaining and updating interface design standards and specifications, responsible for implementation of standards and specifications. Participate in the improvement and optimization of interface design process

6、Participate in the improvement and optimization of interface design process。

7、To complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders。

Post requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above in computer or software development。

2、At least 3 years working experience in software development, familiar with software development process, skilled in building information architecture, flow chart and wireframing。

3. Familiar with the relevant design software of PS, Visio and Axure, familiar with the operating system and client products of smart mobile devices such as iOS and Android, and can design the prototype of high fidelity products with interactive effect.

4、Creative consciousness, active thinking, accurate language expression, teamwork spirit and able to work under pressure。

Customer service specialist

1. Responsible for answering telephone and QQ online customer service consultation, timely handling user's various inquiries, complaints, Suggestions and other issues;

2. Collect user feedback Suggestions and comments, timely submit to relevant departments for data analysis, market strategy positioning, etc;

3. Responsible for the telephone interview, understanding the user's usage, solving difficult problems and promoting user's usage habits;

4. Improve user satisfaction with professional, enthusiastic and patient service attitude;

5. Actively cooperate with other tasks assigned by the company leader。

Post requirements

1.Good working attitude, good sense of emotional control and emotional control;

2.Excellent language skills, communication skills, and resourcefulness;

3.Good learning ability, the company's business, process, policy can be the fastest efficiency to adapt and efficient use in the work;

4.Good listening skills;

5.Ability to analyze and summarize customer complaints;