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Q.1:What kind of product is the heart armor?

The heart armor is a smart ecg, consisting mainly of functional woven fabric sensor, miniature electrocardiogram monitoring host and mobile APP. Main purpose is to use the continuous ecg monitoring and intelligent signal to identify early warning technology, found that variation of ecg signal 2 ~ 5 days in advance, to expand gold save time from 2 hours to 2 days in advance warning, with smaller cost prevent premature aging of the heart.

Q.2:What kind of people can be used?

Mindarmor armour is suitable for people with cardiovascular disease and middle-aged elite groups of high pressure, particularly those who have heart disease hospital rehabilitation period follow-up, heart disease patients and elderly people use at home.

Cardiovascular disease has become the world's biggest disease, with more than 1,500 people dying of sudden cardiac death in China every day. More than 540,000 people died of heart disease in China last year. The death toll from heart disease and coronary heart disease has surpassed malignant tumors, becoming the leading cause of death in China. When people feel their own heart discomfort, it is the middle and late stage of heart disease; In the absence of feeling but the machine has feelings, early detection, early access to medical care, and the promotion of self-healing can reduce the risk of heart attack, recurrence and severe disease. Early warning is an effective way to protect the heart. With the development of the Internet and the spread of mobile devices, people will be able to start a new heart health mode

Q.3: is the monitoring of the protective armor reliable? What is product differentiation?

The heart armor test is an arrhythmian 12 abnormal ecg waveform, rather than the heart rate of the wrist watch products, and has the advantages of more professional data type. Mindarmor armor provide reliable cardiac monitoring data at the same time, solved the traditional heart all gel electrode allergies can not use for a long time, it is not easy to carry the user don't want to use, operating more simple, can wear for a longer time to detect further data to predict the future, so as to realize the early warning.

The largest differentiation of the heart armor is a clear st-segment waveform and can be used for a long period of time without allergy, thus producing long-term and diagnostic data.

Q.4: how to use the armor plate?

Please refer to the hardware specification, or WeChat customer service numberwww-5ibody-com,Get technical support。

Q.5: what about the wearing experience of heart armor?

The monitor clothing USES functional textile, skin-friendly material, bring home underwear general experience.

Q.6: how to choose the size of the armor plate?

You can choose from the applicable chest enclosed in the size table, or you can contact WeChat customer servicewww-5ibody-comMake reference purchases.

Q.7: how to save the heart armor?

The main engine and clothes are waterproof, the clothes can be washed, please take off the main engine before washing.

The roller washing machine is soft and easy to wash, and can be stored in a cool place after drying.

Q.8: how to download the heart armor APP?

The WeChat public number can be downloaded to the free experience version, and users will receive advanced user editions when they purchase the hardware.

Q.9: how to look at the ecg recorded by heart armor?

All the cardiac data will be stored in the cloud, and can be looked back at any time. The background medical team can also conduct data analysis at the request of the user and give professional health advice.

Q.10: how to introduce the service of heart armor?

For details, please add customer service WeChat ID:www-5ibody-com

Use case 1
How to prevent your "midlife crisis"?

2017-01-19 string garden intelligent technology

"For decades, this young man has been the youngest person to have been diagnosed with heart attacks." At the beginning of the new spring, professor fu shook his head and said the words at the heart department of shaw hospital affiliated to zhejiang university medical school. Dr. Fu shocked patients with small C, young people, because of drinking, smoking, and almost clogging the blood vessels.

Drinking and smoking, the heart attack of young men

Little C has been in the catering business for some years now, and now he runs a restaurant in Inner Mongolia. In business, he was always paid, drank, drank, drank, and smoked for four or five years, and drank forty or fifty cigarettes a day. On weekdays, little C habitually stayed up late to play computer games and did not go to bed until after 1 in the morning. On the diet, he especially likes to eat beef, mutton, small steamed bun, at night also always to add the night snack, melon and fruit vegetables but rarely eat. In the past Spring Festival, the small C back home is more food and drink and drink a lot of wine every day.

On February 6, little C went to a friend's party again. At the table, he tucked away in the smoky air. At about 3 o 'clock in the morning, small C suddenly felt chest tightness, then felt the heart very painful. Thinking that it was too tired, after a night of rest, the symptoms of chest tightness still did not ease.

The patient was trapped in a shock heart

On the afternoon of February 7, small C went to the local hospital to check, and the electrocardiogram suggested that small C had a heart attack. At about 2:30 in the afternoon, small C was transferred to run run shaw hospital emergency department, small C intubation was at the moment, has been in a state of shock: oxygen desaturation, pale, low blood pressure, cold hands and feet. Professor fu, who performed the coronary angiography for small C, found a large number of thrombus in the anterior descending of his heart to the left trunk.

"It could be said that his heart arteries were basically blocked by clots." "After repeated smoking, we pulled out some of the blood clots, but some of the clots were still difficult to extract," fu said. Considering that the patient was younger and the blood flow was smooth, we decided that the stent should not be put in place for the first time. After 1 week, the coronary angiography was reviewed and the stent implantation was required.

As a middle-aged and young man, we should pay more attention to our own life style, and we should pay more attention to our health. We should not take care of our medical treatment.

Mindarmor armour is the domestic first quasi medical level of intelligent ecg monitoring, is can wear the electrocardiogram machine for a long time, its main purpose is to use continuous ecg monitoring and intelligent signal to identify early warning technology, can be found that variation of ecg signal 2 ~ 5 days in advance, to expand gold save time from 2 hours to 2 days in advance warning, prompt rest with simple intervention, prevention of myocardial infarction (ami) with small cost.

A user of a protective armor: young and young engineering male, often working overtime
User events:
The 2017-3-18 12 points
The 2017-3-26 17 points
The 2017-3-26 17 points
The 2017-3-26 18 points
Data analysis: from the basic normal electrocardiogram to the abnormal ecg and the risk ecg transformation.
Tip: at 17 o 'clock on the 26th, the user has a T wave change, st-t changes, and there is a tendency to aggravate the trend and recommend immediate medical treatment.
Risk event tip: st-t changes.
Use case 2
The old man's heart is bad but stubborn not to go to the hospital how to do?

2017-03-31 string garden smart technology

A practical case of the protective armor of an 80-year-old man:

Old J, who is eighty years old, frail and retired for many years, has been living with his wife in Shanghai. Last night didn't sleep very well, after breakfast in the morning, the old J feel more tired, don't want to eat breakfast, sitting in a chair to rest, their lips chanting, "the old, the body not line, move feeling tired, my breath away".

My son came back at the weekend, and when he looked at his father, he felt that it was a little bad. He said, "why not take you to the hospital?"

Old J: "don't go, don't have many big events, rest rest is good."

Son are still a little not trust, she took home the protection of heart and put them on the old J, can have a look at ecg showed fluctuation is very strange, three times in every heart there is a tall strange waveform, and the continuous periodic: typical sanlian law.


Frequent ventricular premature beats, seek immediate medical attention.

The son thinks the situation is not good, must pull old J to go to hospital, old J is determined not to go. No way, the son took his mobile phone to the hospital, found the doctor, and showed the electrocardiogram waveform to the doctor.

When the doctor finished, he said, "three laws".

He took the medicine and went home quickly. Behind for a few days, son was drawn up old J, failed to pull the old J go to a hospital, let the old J pay attention to rest, and always wear to protect a heart, as long as frequent appear premature beat, went to bed rest, lying down for a few hours later, significantly fewer premature beat, lower frequency.

The first day of rest:
Rest the next day:
Rest for the seventh day:

Lying on the seventh day, the old J premature beat the basic can't see, stand up, it often times also decreased, but still have always had to move the symptoms of fatigue or some, old J electrocardiogram (ecg) most return to more normal state. Looking at old J's body slowly returned to normal, the old companion just put the heart back to the stomach, the son actually still hung.

Rest for the 15th day:
Heart armor sincere advice:

1)It is recommended that the old J should be in hospital for the first time.

2)Old J refuses to go to hospital is a lot of old people's true everyday, son in time with the heart of mobile phone's heart detects data and replay function go to the hospital also can not have the method;

3)Protect heart health experts docking service, for the heart to detect early abnormal situation, to protect the heart once found, the background of intelligent early warning, families can be found as early as possible, timely medical treatment, prevention of myocardial infarction, or VIP service call expert resources for prevention of heart failure, due to early detection, relatively abundant, but it should be Go to hospital, go to hospital, go to hospital, It's so important that it should be repeated for three times.

Use case 3
Is a strong person's heart safer?

2017-05-19 string garden smart technology

On February 11, CCTV news reported that excessive overtime was the leading cause of overwork. According to the data, the huge work pressure has caused the number of "overwork" in China to reach 600 thousand a year, which has surpassed Japan as the "overlabor" first country. The five diseases that directly contribute to "overwork" are: coronary artery disease, aortic aneurysm, cardiac valvular disease, cardiomyopathy and cerebral hemorrhage. In addition, digestive diseases, kidney failure and infectious diseases can lead to overwork. Zhejiang xinhua shu-wei huang, vice President of the hospital, the intensity of excessive overworked, will lead to an imbalance in the body of some endocrine, especially sympathetic excitement for a long time, can lead to cardiac arrhythmia, and these arrhythmia, is what we say, an important cause of severe heart. Overwork everyone experience different, mental state and attention will decrease, people easy to fret. From the perspective of personal prevention, experts suggest that people who have a history of heart disease and stay up late to work overtime should be more vigilant. You have to adjust your mindset, relax yourself in busy work, drink lots of water and concentrate on fruits and vegetables. In addition to the adjustment of daily diet, we also need to adjust our work rhythm, and in the case of fatigue, we should rest in time to avoid causing overwork. So how can we tell if our body is signaling a warning?

It is suggested to wear protective armor and give your body a timely reminder. We can tell you in real cases what kind of situation you need to pay attention to rest?

Date: 2016-12-6:
User gender: muscle man, age: 40 years old, usually have fitness running habit
User events:
2016-12-5, 18:35
2016-12-6 14:54 (midnight on December 6)
15, 2016-12-6, 15:38-44
Data analysis: ventricular tachycardia in ventricular tachycardia
Tip: recommend immediate rest and medical attention
Judge signal has many, of course, everyone has their own way, also our original intention is to have a healthy body. Mindarmor armour is the domestic first quasi medical level of intelligent ecg monitoring, is can wear the electrocardiogram machine for a long time, its main purpose is to use continuous ecg monitoring and intelligent signal to identify early warning technology, can be found that variation of ecg signal 2 ~ 5 days in advance, to expand gold save time from 2 hours to 2 days in advance warning, prompt rest with simple intervention, prevention of myocardial infarction (ami) with small cost.